Everyone Loves Eden Orchards!

"My 10 year old Potiki thinks that his shots of cherry juice are amazing! He has them morning and night - so cool to have the taste of these gorgeous berries this time of year! Yum!"

- Kym

"I picked up 2 bottles of cherry juice at Gisborne Home Show last week. Then I went on the break a leg Monday. The juice is wonderful, no sleeping tabs required and can use it as anti-inflammatory tab."

- Margaret

"I bought your cherry juice from the Sunday market last week. I found it very helpful for my stage 4 colon cancer especially after my chemo I found it hard to sleep and have lots of inflammation and pain inside my body. After one bottle I found this so effective for my well-being and I get to sleep well."

- Amelia

"I expected the juice to be quite syrupy so I was apprehensive to drink it before bed however it is not at all. It is really palatable and not overly sweet. I have been drinking 50ml in the evening and I find I have been sleeping better. I actually have to refrain from sculling it."

- Megan

"AWESOME!! This is amazing and tastes great. So good for your body and great for insomnia!"

- Char

"As a nurse I have found it invaluable to sleep as i work shifts."

- Jo


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