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Garden of Eden Cherries

Over 30 years ago, Gary left school at the age of 16 and completed his Diploma in Horticulture, specialising in Stonefruit. Since then he and his wife, Steph, have spent the majority of their lives dedicated to producing and selling the freshest cherries direct to customers all over New Zealand.

Their children Renee, Cameron and Jacob quickly found their passion for their life as cherry growers and sellers, with each family member forming an integral part of the team.

Recently, the Bignell family have developed New Zealand's first and only sweet Cherry Juice. The 100% Pure Cherry Juice is an all natural product, that captures the delicious taste of real cherries and has numerous health benefits associated with it.


Cherry Juice

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Freshly Grown Cherries


"My sleeping has improved since using this and NEED MORE"

- Carolyn, Auckland

"I'd like to say they were the sweetest, plumpest, firmest, juiciest, most perfect cherries we have tasted anywhere in the world"

- David, Tauranga

"We love seeing the Bignell Family and their team at our local markets, they always put a smile on our faces" 

- Chris Gardner, Auckland

"I have been having trouble sleeping for months - I wake at about 2am and stay awake worrying and stressing till about 4 or so and then fall back asleep.

NOTHING has worked!

I got your cherry juice and it's fabulous, I'm sleeping soundly all night, every night, unless I forget to take it and then I'm back to my old habits!"

Amie-Jane, Nelson

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