Everyone Loves Eden Orchards!


Everyone Loves Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice!

The fresh cherry juice is absolutely amazing. It is 100% cherry juice and is the only product I have ever taken which helps me get a good night’s sleep. Thoroughly recommend it. Thanks for making such a great product.

Jane, Martinborough

Thank you Eden Juice for your quick response for sending our 4 bottle order of Cherry Juice. I have never had such a good nights sleep since drinking your Cherry Juice. I have highly recommended this juice to many of my friends.

Joan McMillan

The juice is delicious. The pain in the base of my thumb has lessened (I am also exercising it) & I am sleeping sooooooooo well.

Yvonne Jones

"My 10 year old Potiki thinks that his shots of cherry juice are amazing! He has them morning and night - so cool to have the taste of these gorgeous berries this time of year! Yum!"

- Kym

"I picked up 2 bottles of cherry juice at Gisborne Home Show last week. Then I went on the break a leg Monday. The juice is wonderful, no sleeping tabs required and can use it as anti-inflammatory tab."

- Margaret

"I bought your cherry juice from the Sunday market last week. I found it very helpful for my stage 4 colon cancer especially after my chemo I found it hard to sleep and have lots of inflammation and pain inside my body. After one bottle I found this so effective for my well-being and I get to sleep well."

- Amelia

"I expected the juice to be quite syrupy so I was apprehensive to drink it before bed however it is not at all. It is really palatable and not overly sweet. I have been drinking 50ml in the evening and I find I have been sleeping better. I actually have to refrain from sculling it."

- Megan

"AWESOME!! This is amazing and tastes great. So good for your body and great for insomnia!"

- Char

"As a nurse I have found it invaluable to sleep as i work shifts."

- Jo

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